Can Professional Sales Training Improve Your Bottom Line?

  Sales is like any other business. There are people who just do it as there jobs and are pretty good, there are people who do it cause its what they want to do, and are great at it, and there are people who are in the process of burning out. Only, doing sales, you […]

Recognition As Part Of Performance Management

  Performance Management is a system developed out of the best practice of top performing organizations to provide managers with a structured approach to the key retention criteria. Simplistically, most people will feel motivated and will want to stay in their job if their manager: pays attention to their work provides them with a job […]

Smart Retailers Dramatically Improve Sales Performance Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    Retail Performance Methodology is based on key principles adopted and tailored by retailers to gain competitive advantage and improve sales performance. The basic principles of a successful Retail Performance Management Model will: 1. Instill a customer focused, sales oriented culture throughout the organization 2. Introduce a methodology for setting standards, tracking, measuring and […]

Keeping Your Audience Attentive

To highlight the occasion, be it award ceremonies, conventions, alumni, fund raising, homecomings, commencement exercise etc., guest speakers are usually invited. Guest speakers are usually selected according to their accomplishments and popularity so as to make the gathering a memorable one. In order to be successful and impart a lasting image in the eyes of […]