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Ravinder Tulsiani #1 Bestselling Author Announces His New Book: ‘Your Leadership EDGE.’

A Guide on Mastering Management Skills for Today’s Workforce Has Been Accounted To Inspire the Generations! Ontario, Canada – July 6th, 2017: Renowned Leadership Expert, Author, and Speaker Ravinder Tulsiani have announced the release of his new book titled ‘Your Leadership EDGE.’ Ravinder’s reputation for excellence reflects his expertise as a strategic planner, who creates […]

Boomer Retirement Bubble

As the economy stabilizes, many companies feel they are now back on solid footing, however, they may not be prepared for the next big bubble to burst: The Boomer #retirement bubble. Over the next two decades, as countless experienced workers walk out the door, it is up to the companies and industries that employ them […]

Project Management Software: What It Can Provide

    Project management software is a software program that is designed to allow you to manage all aspects of your project needs effectively. There are various types of this software available but most will allow for complete management from the beginning through completion. Here are some of the things that you can expect to […]

Task Management Tools – The Difference Between Average And Successful People

  Task management is the true challenge on the modern world we live in. Time is more precious than ever and the amount of tasks each of us has to cope with is almost endless. The only difference between successful and average people is their ability to manage their tasks effectively. This ability could be […]


Your Degree In Recognition Skills Word Count: 500 Summary: Of course, we all majored in recognition skills at high school. Being positive comes as second nature to everybody and we never focus too much on faults. Unfortunately there the fairy tale must end. Complaining, it seems, is a much more developed skill than praising and […]


Database And Document Management Systems Word Count: 345 Summary: Different business organizations use different types of software to manage their documents. This software performs the function of creating, full text indexing, controlling the different versions of documents, retrieval, and so on. Keywords: Document Management Systems, Electronic Document Management Systems, Document Management System Software, Database And […]


What to Do With an Mean Boss Word Count: 301 Summary: Suppose your boss insults others in meetings? Certainly this damages the business. Here are some things to fix this difficult situation. Keywords: effective meetings, business meeting, facilitation, steve kaye, facilitator, leadership, executives, meeting, success , minutes, agenda Article Body: Question: “How do I get […]


Electronic Logistics – The Money Saving Solutions Word Count: 370 Summary: The concept of conventional logistics covers all activities relating to the procurement, transport, transhipment and storage of goods. Logistics as generally understood is concerned particularly with material flow (raw materials, interim and final products), but also involves providing companies with services and information. Nowadays […]