Characteristics of a great corporate leader


“#Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. —Warren Bennis”

A corporate leader is someone who conducts, who guides, who takes his/her team through every thick and thin so that the goals are achieved and the team remains motivated and aligned with the company’s mission and vision. #leader

Here are some key characteristics of a great corporate leader that you must nurture –


Integrity or honesty is the primary attribute a corporate leader must have. You should abide by certain principles so as to establish yourself as the role model of your team. You have to establish yourself as a disciplinarian and your activities must reflect your business ethics transparently in front of your team members. #business


No great work can be accomplished unless you are courageous enough to take risks and face challenges. As a corporate leader you are responsible for running a whole business. You have to show enough courage to think and decide independently and take the right decisions even if you are being influenced and obstructed constantly. Your vision should be clear. #HR


Another very essential characteristic trait of a leader is self control. A great corporate leader is one who has a tremendous control over his/her emotions. #business


Be clear and confident. Present your viewpoints explicitly. Come plain to your #employees regarding what you want from them, what’s your expectation for the company and so on. Always remember the more direct and distinct you will be with your employees as a corporate leader, the better will be the end result.


Be the painter, not the painting. Come up with new ideas that can open up new doors. Be innovative, be experimental. At the same time give space to your members as well to display their imagination. As a corporate leader, you should leave enough space for intellectual cultivation.


There is a narrow line of difference between guiding and dominating. Although often your motives are white but out of too much excitement of executing something accurately you may end up dominating and over-burdening your members which in turn hold up a very negative image and the respect and love for the corporate leader get replaced by fear.


‘Successful businessmen share the ability to hire people smarter than they are”. As a corporate leader you individually cannot bring sole success; you need a team for that. If you are a great corporate leader you must have the skill of recruiting smarter and more intelligent people than you are and assign them responsibilities, so that they can come up with the best results. #teamwork


Often the team members look up to their leader for inspiration and encouraging words. Those words motivate them, energize them and assure them of their credibility. Even when the work is going accurately, you should come up and inspire your team members individually.


Unless and until you have a balance of humbleness and simplicity in your nature, you cannot get the best out of you members. You are their boss. Their love and respect for their corporate leader will be mirrored in their work.