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How Do You Know You Are Getting Better? Use Data To Drive Improvement

  The best quality improvement initiatives are driven by data! Why? How are you going to know how much you have improved if you don’t measure something? All of you have been exposed to measures in many situations. Most of them were important. In school, you were graded. Perhaps you own shares of stock; how […]

Change Management In Practice: Why Does Change Fail?

    “Resistance to change may be active or passive, overt or covert, individual or organised, aggressive or timid……… and on occasions totally justified.” Sadly most significant change fails to meet the expectations and targets of the proposers. The failure is given the catchall name “resistance”, yet resistance can be principled and creative as well […]

Why Change Management Training is Essential for Your Company

    Let’s face it: Your company or organization is likely to go through a major transformation at some point. Whether it is in a division, within a function, or across the entire organization, you as a leader will need the skills to facilitate the change and help your business continue to thrive efficiently. Sometimes […]