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Become The Go-To Expert In Your Industry

  One of the easiest ways to drive prospective clients and customers to your business is to become the expert in your field. The term Expert carries credibility and prestige that can open many doors for you, and, oddly enough, the term is relatively easy to acquire. This simple three step process can help you […]

Get a standing ovation by presenting a lively speech

To bring a page of written context to spoken life, presentation techniques are essential. To inject interest in the audience and build up a rapport use your body language to animate your presentation. Here are few techniques which you can follow to keep the audience’s glued to your speech: As you are speaking to the […]

Is Your Presentation Giving You Panic Attacks?

Many people dread speaking in public and hence associate with panic attack. It is possible that they might have had an anxiety-producing public speaking experience. It has been noticed that people who frequently have to speak in public, suffer from panic attacks. Here is a very interesting story about a girl named Amber. Amber, when […]

Presenting Without PowerPoint

It is easy to make presentations today, thanks to PowerPoint. In order to make the process of teaching and learning easy and fun filled, teachers and lecturers use presentations. Still there are professionals who follow their age-old beliefs for presentations and thus make them without using PowerPoint. It is boring to have presentations without the […]

Keeping Your Audience Attentive

To highlight the occasion, be it award ceremonies, conventions, alumni, fund raising, homecomings, commencement exercise etc., guest speakers are usually invited. Guest speakers are usually selected according to their accomplishments and popularity so as to make the gathering a memorable one. In order to be successful and impart a lasting image in the eyes of […]