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Boomer Retirement Bubble

As the economy stabilizes, many companies feel they are now back on solid footing, however, they may not be prepared for the next big bubble to burst: The Boomer #retirement bubble. Over the next two decades, as countless experienced workers walk out the door, it is up to the companies and industries that employ them […]

6 Succession Planning Myths…Debunked

  According to a Human Resource Planning Society and Hewitt Associates study, fewer than 60% of companies have a succession plan in place. Below are some of the most common myths about succession planning. Myth #1: If there are no imminent retirements, succession planning needn’t be a top priority. According to a survey conducted by […]

Executive Career Coaching: Providing Solutions To Succession Planning Challenges

  Organizations today are facing several challenges and talent management is one of the greatest. According to a poll conducted by OI Partners, Inc., the number one challenge facing the HR profession is leadership development and succession planning. Attracting, developing, and retaining quality talent is more costly and has a greater impact on the bottom-line […]