Archive | December, 2016

Project Management Success with the Top 7 Best Practices

  Managing a project can be daunting. Whether planning your wedding, developing a new website or building your dream house by the sea, you need to employ project management techniques to help you succeed. I’ll summarise the top 7 best practices at the heart of good project management which can help you to achieve project […]

Get a standing ovation by presenting a lively speech

To bring a page of written context to spoken life, presentation techniques are essential. To inject interest in the audience and build up a rapport use your body language to animate your presentation. Here are few techniques which you can follow to keep the audience’s glued to your speech: As you are speaking to the […]

Wolf of Wall Streets’ SPIN Question Method

  Today we look at one of the nuances of the SPIN questioning model. It’s the “forking paths” dilemma: During a sales call, you uncover a buyer problem that has multiple implications, some of which lead, in turn, to further implications. How do you proceed? Do you use your limited time with the buyer to […]

What Is Good Corporate Governance?

  Good corporate governance refers to methods, laws and policies that direct, control and administers important functions of a corporation. Principal stakeholders and board of directors within the corporation are the ones who manage the principal corporation. Good corporate governance ensures the goals of the management stays within the lines of agreement of the stakeholders. […]

How To Interview Sales People Successfully

  Since the dawn of free trading only two things have ever mattered; producing a quality product or service and the ability to sell it successfully. By successfully, I mean ensuring that you achieve maximum profit from the sale, while the customer is delighted with their purchase. In most cases the Business owner understands what […]

Money In Reward And Recognition Systems

  The role of money as a motivator is indisputable if you don’t have enough. With bills to pay and mouths to feed, most hunter/gatherers will push themselves to get enough money into the bank account to remove those troublesome worries. However, once the threshold of comfort has been reached and there is a steady […]

Know When To Get Help – Performance Management Consulting

  Most people dread performance appraisals because it is tiring and tedious, and people believe their jobs may be on the line. Of course, performance appraisals are really quite useful because management can fully make sense out of the things that have been happening in the company. Through a yearly performance appraisal of employees, companies […]

Nine Ways to Get Your Productivity Up!

  We’ll all been there. Ballplayers call it a slump. Some call it a lull or a funk. These are the times when you don’t seem to have as much energy or passion for your work. You can’t seem to get as excited (or excited at all) about the tasks in front of you. You […]