Bill 148 Summary for Ontario Employees

Bill 148 has recently come into effect in Ontario as an amendment to the Employment Standards Act of Ontario. Key changes effective January 1, 2018 include:

1) Pregnancy / Parental Leave

  • Pregnant employees have the right to take pregnancy leave of up to 17 weeks of unpaid time off work.
  • New parents have the right to take parental leave when a baby or child is born or first comes into their care. Birth mothers who took pregnancy leave are entitled to up to 61 weeks’ leave. Birth mothers who do not take pregnancy leave and all other new parents are entitled to up to 63 weeks’ parental leave.
  • Total job protected “maternity leave” is now 18 months.

2) Other Leaves – Some changes have been made to other leave provisions under the Employment Standards Act. For more information or any questions please speak with your Supervisor or Human Resources.

3) Vacation – Increase to a minimum of 3 weeks (6%) after 5 years of employment

4) Minimum Wage – Increase to $14/hr

The Ministry of Labour has created a page that explains all of the changes included in the legislation. This page can be found here.

The Ministry of Labour has also revamped the Employment Standards Act page to help employers and employees understand the act and employment standards. This page can be found here.