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Check Your Communication Skills

  Use this check list to assess your communication skills. Focus * Do you pay complete attention to others when they are speaking? (A wandering focus discourages open communication.) * Do you manage your thoughts during a conversation, focusing them on understanding what the other person is saying? (Effective listening requires more concentration than any […]

Achieve Success with Positive Communication

  Use these six strategies to communicate effectively. 1) You can accept anything without agreeing with it. Thus, acknowledge amazing requests and outrageous statements with responses such as: “That’s an interesting idea.” “That’s a novel request.” “What an intriguing question.” Use this as an opportunity to understand what the other person is saying. And then […]

6 Steps to Effective Communication

  Effective leaders are known for being excellent communicators. Here’s what to do. 1) Avoid “Not.” Negative talk encourages arguments, counter attacks, and attempts to solve your problems. It also creates a negative impression. For example, when you say, “I can’t,” you appear helpless and ineffective. Instead, talk about what you can do and what […]