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Check Your Communication Skills

  Use this check list to assess your communication skills. Focus * Do you pay complete attention to others when they are speaking? (A wandering focus discourages open communication.) * Do you manage your thoughts during a conversation, focusing them on understanding what the other person is saying? (Effective listening requires more concentration than any […]

Blind Spots — (If you don’t check your mirrors, you’re going to crash…)

    For a driver, a blind spot is an area not easily seen. It may be the area the mirrors miss, either beside or behind the driver…or is simply forgotten by the driver. Accidents occur when the driver changes lanes and there is another car in their blind spot. In some cases, the other […]

Information Overload

  It’s becoming more and more difficult to sift the nuggets of true knowledge from the mountains of data thrown at us from all directions. Of course, we do this to ourselves to a certain extent, because in this age of unlimited access to information through the Internet as well as all the traditional sources, […]

6 Steps to Effective Communication

  Effective leaders are known for being excellent communicators. Here’s what to do. 1) Avoid “Not.” Negative talk encourages arguments, counter attacks, and attempts to solve your problems. It also creates a negative impression. For example, when you say, “I can’t,” you appear helpless and ineffective. Instead, talk about what you can do and what […]