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Ten Reasons To Implement Choice Theory In Your Organization

  What is Choice Theory (CT)? CT is a theory of the explanation of human behavior. CT has applicability to both a person’s personal and professional life. It teaches us about our five basic needs, how to meet those needs in a responsible way, and how to take personal responsibility for getting those needs met. […]

The Importance of Proper Management Training and Competency

Your Leadership EDGE, by Ravinder Tulsiani, is an innovative approach to addressing the core competencies that will allow you to communicate and engage better with your employees. It is important to have proper management training when entering a role of leadership within a company. Someone without the proper training will end up running employees away. […]

Employee Management Model by Ravinder Tulsiani

Over seven years ago, I created this management model and have been using it ever since. The model ensures that employers attract and retain peak performers. The employee management model is called – the EDGE. EDGE is an acronym that stands for: Educate, Develop, Guide, Empower. First, you need to EDUCATE your employees to give […]